Do you know what hurts?

When you work as a graphic designer for a company for 5 years, and within a year after you leave, they hire someone else to redesign all of their marketing material.  They made a new logo.  It looks good!  I cannot contest that! 

But when I stepped into my role, years ago, one of the first items on my agenda was to design a new logo for the company, and the amount of resistance I encountered was amazing.  Eventually, I gave up, and handed in a logo almost identical to the one they already had, and spent several months explaining that the color green they wanted would differ based on which printer it came out of.

I was still on contract to do freelance work for this company for the past year.  They had my number, and they knew I was both available and good.  I love the people there, and I loved designing for them.  I always wished I had been given more creative freedom in that regard, the kind of freedom they gave to the people who designed their new logo.  But they gave that opportunity to someone else. 

And it feels personal.  Just a little bit.

I feel like a Dead Kennedys song...

While I might be moving to Washington, D.C., I'm currently living in Charlottesville, VA, a town most curently notorious for allowing a KKK march in July, followed by a neo-Nazi march.  Why?  Mostly because we've been getting in the news due to a City Council decision to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee, a man who killed other people to ensure that white people could own black people.

People who think black people deserve to be owned admire this man.

So, despite the fact that the statue still stands because no ones really wants to pay the money to properly hack it up and ship it somewhere else, white supremacists now consider Charlottesville a rallying point for their particular brand of hate.  I hope they all get struck by lightning.

Part of me wonders whether this isn't a direct and, in hindsight, obvious result of the hubbub and furor over trying to get the statue removed in the first place.  It's been standing there for decades, slowly turning green and covered in pigeon poop.  Maybe letting it fall into neglect and disrepair would have been a smoother, but longer road to Not-A-Statue-of-a-Slavery-Traitor-Land than the current cultural earthquake.

Liberals considered Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton wet blankets because they refused to move as fast as internet culture on the issues they found important, but the more I think about it, the smarter I think they were.  America is a massive chugging engine, and like a train, if you attempt to make a sharp turn at high speed, you fall over in the opposite direction.  That's what I think happened with Trump.  That's why the KKK and nazis are having a resurgence.  Too much push to do good freaks idiots out, and there are enough idiots in the world that they will turn to liars and charlatans and cheaters and thieves just to feel comfortable.  They don't deserve to feel comfortable.

They deserve to be struck by lightning.


Moving to DC

As a professional freelance illustrator, moving to Washington, DC is turning out to be more complicated than I had thought.  It may be that starting any sentence with "As a professional illustrator," will inevitably end with "more complicated than I had thought," but that's just me.

It seems like every job available is only, in fact, available to people who were referred by someone who knows the employer.  That's how people get jobs in this city.  Which makes me sort of want to line everyone up and run a frying pan across their collective heads, wondering aloud the entire time why anyone should even bother writing a resume and cover letter at all.  Clearly these methods are outdated and so far have been a complete waste of my time.  It's the old catch-22, isn't it?  Can't afford to live in the city without a job, and can't get a job until you live in the city.

Meanwhile, I'm bulking up my portfolio with jobs for non-existent clients for free (the cheap ethereal bastards) and working on setting up an Etsy shop, which should bring in just enough money to make me feel poor. 

I'm not even starving, which robs the whole experience of its sexy romance.

This is the Dawning of a Blog

For as long as mankind has started new websites, mankind has created blogs to keep those websites fresh in accordance to Google algorithms.  Today marks a great leap forward in doing exactly the same thing.  From this point on, my old blog is defunct, and this blog shall rule over all the lands like the Beatles in Madison Square Garden ruling over screaming teenage girls, minus the teenage girls.

I know my audience.

Why a new blog?  Mostly because Squarespace has a free blogging platform.  Because I'm moving to Washington, D.C., starting a new job (TBD) and just got married.  Because I'm starting a graphic novel, and want to write enough to keep my voice consistant through the entire thing.  Because I'm secretly an Italian bank robber looking to bolster my alibi with a social media presence.  It's a good way to start a new life, and writing is a good habit to take up.

New pictures and publications will still be available through Instagram and Twitter, linked on the left side of the website.