A few weeks ago, I decided to take a Facebook moratorium.  This conveniently coincided with the news break that Facebook is terrible for privacy and eats babies, but in honesty, that had less to do with my decision than the fact that I was helplessly addicted to it.

Although I've generally just told people I left for ethical reasons, which makes me seem like much more of an outstanding guy than I am.

I decided not to close my account, but simple to just not log on to Facebook, at all, on any of my devices.  I never had the Facebook app on my phone, but I still have the Facebook Messenger app, which I also hate, so if any of the people I know solely through Facebook want to contact me, there's still that option.

Giving up Facebook has meant much more time for art, and less time for lollygagging about in front of the computer.  It's made me realize that I only visit about 8 websites daily, and once I've absorbed the updates, I no longer actually require the internet for anything beyond research and communication.  Which is what it's supposed to be for.

Also, moving my homepage to this blog instead of the New York Times has made me much more likely to post, and since I don't enjoy posting nearly as much as scrolling through depressing headlines, it's also made me much less likely to log onto the internet at all.  I've also increased by Twitter and Instagram presences @phostetlerart.

Life is good.