Calendar Man


The Calendar Man is a disreputable holiday-themed Batman villain from the 60s who got a boost in popularity from Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s miniseries “Batman: The Long Halloween”

It also refers to me, a guy whose first solo calendar just went on sale.

You can buy it here.

Last year, I did artwork for a collaborative calendar with a few other artists, on the theme of “Space Vacation.” This year, all the art was completed by me, with added typography and design by the good folks at Gladstone Media.

The whole thing was great fun, if a bit hectic since due to production schedules, all 12 images had to be completed in 3 months before Christmas, but I must have enjoyed it, or else I wouldn’t be doing it again for the 2021 calendar.

Also coming for 2021 is a calendar entirely painted by me, of the Sloth Kama Sutra, or, as I recommended, the Sloth Tantric Sex Manual, because I imagine sloths take their time climaxing anyhow.

Below are the color comps for each of the pieces above.