This is the Dawning of a Blog

For as long as mankind has started new websites, mankind has created blogs to keep those websites fresh in accordance to Google algorithms.  Today marks a great leap forward in doing exactly the same thing.  From this point on, my old blog is defunct, and this blog shall rule over all the lands like the Beatles in Madison Square Garden ruling over screaming teenage girls, minus the teenage girls.

I know my audience.

Why a new blog?  Mostly because Squarespace has a free blogging platform.  Because I'm moving to Washington, D.C., starting a new job (TBD) and just got married.  Because I'm starting a graphic novel, and want to write enough to keep my voice consistant through the entire thing.  Because I'm secretly an Italian bank robber looking to bolster my alibi with a social media presence.  It's a good way to start a new life, and writing is a good habit to take up.

New pictures and publications will still be available through Instagram and Twitter, linked on the left side of the website.