small press expo

The Small Press Expo

I received word I would be be graciously allowed to table at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda Maryland (September 14 and 15) this year. Aside from a few invited guests, spaces must be apportioned via lottery system, so there’s rarely more than a 20% chance of any one indy cartoonist getting in unless they’re already very famous.

This year, I’m one of the 20%.

I will be selling my zine, “Trolls of Iceland,” which includes a fold-out pin-up of Gryla, the child-devouring Christmas giantess of Icelandic folklore.

There will also be my comics collection “Amerinomicon,” featuring versions of famous American folk tales, with black-humor/absurdist bent.

I also plan to debut the black-and-white collection of Chapter 1 of “Deadline Juice,” my ongoing horror webcomic.

I will also be selling mushroom greeting cards, and giving away promotional buttons, so stop by Booth 54!